Running a marathon is different cook, these 5 tips can make great success

Normally you have to sit still on your desk. Lucky, there is one day per year where you go wild and run rock many kilometers: The marathon of Eindhoven! This is not so easy, really. De Slash has hamstered a pair of useable tips. Our top 5:

1. Wear some sport shoes. Running on naked feet are not nice. You know, the route went on Stratumseind and on Saturday people there look a little to deep in the glass. So there lays a lot of broken glass on street. That you do not want to had under your feet!

2. Try out running in front of running in the marathon. You expected it may not, but running needs condition, which does not grow on trees! Haha! That was a tiny joke!

3. You know who are very bad in running? Baby’s! When you are young, you had to tried very hard to make even 3 steps behind each other, so don’t try to run like it are your first steps in the world. Inderdeed, we do not agreed with gemeente Eindhoven (see photo), it was wierd advice. Just run like the police wants to give you a boete for fietsen zonder licht en je er even quick on the run must.

4. No sex before running. You know what Johan Kruif also says when would kick a ball? Football is earlog, and you do not have sex when fighting, right?

5. We agree with Gemeente Eindhoven banner: if you do not do your best, you feel lazy. It’s a bit like watching a Kim Holland movie: finishing feels so much better when you have to gave it your all.


Beeld: @sanderphilipse